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I am getting exciting about RUNNING September 6, 2011

Posted by gogirlcindy in Marathon Training, Reminders, Training Tips.

Good afternoon.  We’ll be running and walking at Elk Park on Thursday…and I am getting exciting about RUNNING.

To share my enthusiasm, here is some food for thought.

1)      Why do runners care about their Resting Heart Rate?  In search of a runner’s journal last week I noticed that several of the journals had a place to track your RHR, so I went on a mission to find out why runners care.    Here’s a couple of good articles on the subject:

Turns out it is a good people of information – especially for long-distance runners.  I have a heart rate monitor, so I’ll be breaking mine out this week to start learning more about what my heart rate means about my running and training.

I started a discussion on our message board for this, if you have any thoughts, questions or input on this topic, put them here.

2)      What about an online journal?  I’ve used a couple of different applications for tracking my runs and my routes, but MapMyRun allows me to have “friends”  — so we can share routes and training.  There is a Blackberry app that I can use while a run and then I can log runs and other activity online.  Pretty nice, check it out.  Let us  know if you use something else or what you think of MapMyRun.

Have a great day everyone and hope to see you on a run this week!



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