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We had a great walk and chat today September 10, 2011

Posted by gogirlcindy in Announcements, Events.

We had a great walk and chat today…thanks everyone for getting up early on a Saturday.   We will be stepping things up with more running at each event. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


We will start the first phase of our “training” on Monday, September 18.  This starts our ESTABLISHING A SCHEDULE phase.    The goal for this 6-week phase is to get into a routine of running and walking 4-times a week.   I have scheduled the first 3-weeks of runs and included both morning and evening runs.   Because we are now running a little more and our group is growing…the goal with these new routes it to have wider sidewalks or pathways and less stops.

Over these 6-weeks between September 19th and October 29th, our focus is on keeping up with the schedule of 4-runs each week.  We’ll be tracking our weekly minutes, targeting for 80-140 minutes of running or walking each week.

Our short-term goal is to feel comfortable running 3-4 miles, without stopping.  So in anticipation of meeting this goal I have scheduled a 4-mile Celebration Run and Potluck Brunch for Saturday, October 29th.

Thanks to all of you, you have motivated me to get up in the morning when I would otherwise sleep the morning away.  I am running more that I would on my own – so keep coming and keep moving in the forward direction!  Thanks!



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