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Tomorrow is the Catalina Verdugo Park Run September 12, 2011

Posted by gogirlcindy in Announcements, Reminders.

Just wanted to send a quick reminder of our runs scheduled for this week and going forward.  We have three runs scheduled for this week.  We are all still very much at the walk/run stage.  We have been running a block and walking a block – that seems to be a good pace for everyone right now.  I imagine that this week and next week we will start running 2 block sand walking 1 block – adding more all the time.   No need to be concerned about your level of running, if you need to walk more or are ready to run more…everyone is welcome.  We need all levels; each person with their individual abilities is motivating and helpful to the rest of us.

We always wait 10-15 minutes for everyone to gather before we start out.   Also, if you need additional directions or have any questions, please feel free to email me or give me a call.

We have 4 runs scheduled for next week, and have included some runs in the evening.  You’ll see that these runs are scheduled for the next three weeks.  And if these routes and times works, we’ll continue with these for the following 6-weeks.




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