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Great Saturday! January 7, 2012

Posted by gogirlcindy in Tools & Gadgets, Training Tips.

Thanks to everyone who came out this morning, we had a great run and a nice breakfast at the cafe afterwords.

[8 runners, I think that’s a record high – and on a gloomy day to boot!!!]

Join us — check out our group on Meetup!

I thought I would share some of the things we talked about today….we learn so much from each other!

This is the news story/interview with my friend Matthew Shack who has lost over 200 lbs in the last year and half with the help of FitBit….he’s very inspiring.

  • This device – The Striiv Person Trainer,  was mentioned in the news story…interesting idea…I like the donation idea.

The Gruve Personal Activity Monitor…which tells you when you have be sedentary for too long. I am so tempted to get one of these!  I need the kick in the pants!  I found it pretty quickly on Amazon, but it is $179.95 there, and on Spoofee.com, I found it for $99.99.

And The Stick, which has been a great help for my tight muscles is here for $30.00, well worth it!   Thanks to Jainhetal and Kim for recommending this!!

This is the Sleep Cycle App I have…I think it has been very helpful for me.   They have a similar app for iPhones.   And another version for the Droid.

Some information on swollen hands while running or walking…several people have complained of this, but I have found that extra hydration before the run is a good preventative step…but here’s what Livestrong has to say.

Wow!  That’s a lot and there was more things…like events folks are training for, the Secret Stairs walks and walking or running the around reservoir, Lake Balboa and SilverLake, — it was a great morning.

Thanks again!!



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