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A Great Weekend! January 22, 2012

Posted by gogirlcindy in Announcements.

Four of us braved the rain on Saturday morning.  The river was speeding by and the tunnel we take to the park was flooded with water so we stayed on the river path.


We got soaked, but it wasn’t too cold, just wet.  I wish I had some pictures of how wet we were, but my shoes are still drying today.   We did learn a few things about running in the rain.

1)       What to wear;

  • a thin, water proof jacket,
  • thin pants, with a draw string to keep them from falling down when they get wet and heavy,
  • gloves to keep your hands warm,
  • and a hat (preferably something with a brim to keep the rain out of your eyes)

2)      Bring a few extra things for after the run;

  • a towel to dry your face and to sit on during the car ride home,
  • extra shoes/socks,
  • and a dry shirt/jacket..


Today seven of us met in downtown Glendale at Chess Park for our 2.2 mile walk. There were 3 new members we had a nice easy walk and then stopped to chat with some coffee, tea and a snack.   We had a little confusion with our meeting place today with the Downtown Dash folks there for a training day, so we will change next month’s location.

There are 3 runs schedule for this week;

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but warm up as the week progresses.  Good weather for running.  Hope to see you this week.




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